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County Renter Protection Legislation Up For Hearing

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The Montgomery County Council’s Planning, Housing and Economic Development committee (PHED) will hear testimony for renter protection legislation 19-15, Thursday, June 18 at 7 p.m. in the Council chambers, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville. The legislation was proposed by Council Member Marc Elrich and has thus far been co-sponsored by Council Members Nancy Navarro and Tom Hucker.

The Legislation is the first substantive legislation proposed in response to the more than 50 recommendations of the Tenant Work Group in its 2010 report and calls for a number of measures including increased building inspections, accurate and mandatory rental housing data collection, use of clear, understandable “model leases,” requirements that landlord raising rent excessively provide an explanation, and an end to month-to-month lease surcharges and rent increases higher than the annual rate (READ the Bill 19-15).

“This is common sense legislation that is long over due,” said Matt Losak, who chaired the Tenants Work Group and now leads the Renters Alliance. “We expect the PHED committee, and indeed the full Council, to give serious support to the health and welfare of the entire county, not just home owners. Renters now make up about 36% of residents. Their security and stability has a direct effect on the health and success of the economic, social and political life of our communities. This legislation is an important first step in protecting renters’ long term security.”

The PHED is chaired by Council Member Nancy Floreen and includes Hans Riemer and Council President George Leventhal. All three serve as at-large members.

Want to testify?
Witnesses who wish to provide testimony must contact Jackie Hawksford at 240-777-7803. Testimony is limited to 3 minutes and you will need to make 15 copies to submit for your testimony to be part of the record.


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The Renters Alliance was founded in 2011 in response to the County’s Tenant Work Group Report, which called for the establishment of an organization dedicated to advancing renters right and advocating on behalf of renters. In the coming months we will be providing additional information valuable to renters and to all those who support renter security, housing affordability and a stronger community.

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