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Renters AllianceThe Renters Alliance is just getting going. Your help is vital as we build an organization that combines thousands of renter voices with those of allied organizations and key opinion leaders. Here’s how you can help now:


We need volunteers to help build the Renters Alliance. Volunteers will

  • Help distribute literature at public events.
  • Sign up their neighbors by going door-to-door in your building.
  • Help with special public events.
  • Become neighborhood Renters Alliance Champions by becoming the “go-to” person for information about policies affecting renters.
  • Help build tenants associations in your building and community.

To be a Renters Alliance volunteer simply send us an email at with your contact information. We’ll place you in our volunteer roster and let you know of upcoming activities and events you can choose to participate in.

Provide Financial Support for Our Cause to Strengthen Renters Rights and Security
Donate to the Renters Alliance

The fact is, we cannot make the kind of difference in renter security without the funds to build the Renters Alliance. That includes everything from website development, printed materials, public events, advocacy and education, administration and staffing. We are just getting started. The stronger the financial support for what we do, the faster we can move, the more effective we can advocate, the greater the alliance. Please give now.

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Invite us to your building or community

The Renters Alliance is eager to work with building activists and to invite building residents to join. If you are interested in forming a tenants association or would like us to come meet your neighbors, we urge you to contact us to arrange a meeting. Contact us at and put “Meeting” in the subject line. We’ll get back in touch. We hope to have contacts and activists in every renter community in the county.

Encourage your neighbors to join the Renters Alliance

By encouraging your friends and neighbors to go to our website and join the Renters Alliance, you are helping to strengthen a renter voice that until now did not exist in Montgomery County. Renter activists have from time to time made efforts to be heard, but until we mount a county-wide organization capable of mobilizing the tens of thousands of renters who live here, we will not be able to affect change against the well-financed strength of landlords and developers. Our voice needs to be heard too. Join us!

Share your story

The Renters Alliance is working with reporters, elected officials and landlords to keep them and the wider county informed about renter issues. Often we get faces of disbelief when we tell stories about the challenges renters face, whether it be rents many times more than the county voluntary guidelines, or about abusive landlords who target renters with high rents or eviction because they simply demand a clean building or promised services. And we also want to know about those landlords who get it right and should be held up for their best practices, like keeping rents and rent increases reasonable and being responsive to their renter community. Tell us your story. Email us at with “My Story” in the subject line. And please let us know as much about you as you can tell us so we can get back to you.

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Your donations go to supporting Renters Alliance services and programs while building a stronger voice for renters.

The Montgomery County Renters Alliance, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible.